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·       In 1645, One Vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England.
·       In 1776, One Vote gave America the English language instead of German.
·       In 1876, One Vote gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency of the United States.
·       In 1923, One Vote gave Adolf Hitler leadership of the Nazi Party.
·       In 1941, One Vote saved Selective Service just weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor.
·       In 1993, One Vote gave the United States the largest tax increase in the history of the world.
·       In 2003, One Vote gave the country the third largest tax cut in our history.
·       In the Holy Scripture never forget the unknown man saving the city because of his One Voice and his idea.  Ecclesiastes 9:13 -17 
Source: Congressional Record, Pg. H-6299 (excluding the last which was from the Holy Scripture)
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