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Comments from United States Congressman to Constituents

United States Senator Charles E. Grassley - Iowa "As a Senator, it is important for me to hear from you.  For Democracy to function there has to be a two-way communication between Americans and their elected representatives.  By sharing views with me, Iowans play a vital role in this process.  Hearing from you enables me to be a better U.S. Senator.

United States Senator Tom Harkin - Iowa "It does a lot of good to write you Representatives in Congress.  It is very important to me to hear from my constituents, and one of the most effective means of communication is the mail system."

United States Senator Claire MCCaskill - Missouri "Thank you for contacting me with your concerns.  I appreciate hearing from you, and I welcome the opportunity to respond"

United States Senator Christopher S. Bond - Missouri "Thank you for contacting my office to express your concerns about issues affecting our country.  I appreciate the time you have taken to inform me of your views on these very important issues."

Quotes from U.S. Congressman to National Write Your Congressman, Inc. on the importance of constituent opinions:

United States Senator Edward M. Kennedy - Massachusetts "In order to be an effective Senator from Massachusetts, I need to maintain many avenues of communications with people all around the Commonwealth.  Most important among these means of communication are certainly the thousands of calls and letters I receive each week advising me how people feel about various issues.  A constant dialogue between citizens and their elected representatives is the essence of democracy in action, and I depend heavily upon this dialogue every day in the decision making process."

United States Senator Maria Cantwell - Washington  "As a U.S. Senator, I learn an enormous amount from listening to my constituents.  This communication provides enormous assistance to me by keeping me apprised of the circumstances facing my constituents, and helping me determine how best to represent the great people of  the State of Washington."

United States Senator Richard Shelby - Alabama  "I place a tremendous value in the opinions and view of the people of Alabama.  I greatly appreciate hearing the concerns and needs of my constituents, and I  wholeheartedly support efforts to involve citizens in our democracy.  The enormous freedoms we enjoy in this country should be embraced and actively exercised."

Testimonials from members and why they feel it is important to voice your ideas

1.  Missouri - Brenda Di Santi. Real Estate Broker. Quote "As a business owner we need to be informed and stay abreast of what our congressman are debating because it is definitely going to effect you!"

2.  Iowa - Tony Caligiuri.  President Boyt Harness Company.  Quote
"The decisions made in Congress affect our lives everyday!"

3.  Nebraska - Doris Blair.  "We're living here, we need to know what is going on! If we don't voice our opinion we can't complain. We are a Christian nation in the U. S.. We have freedom of religion and speech and we need to use that advantage."

4.  Michigan - Tina Sullivan - General Manager over 10 motels.  Quote
"To make a difference in our Country.  Make our government more
accountable.  To Vote.  Everyone should Vote and know how our
Senators are Voting.

5.  Arkansas - Judy Green - General Manager Georgetown Inn.  Quote
"We need to know whats going on so we can make a difference in the
decisions that are made."

6.  Missouri - Steve Weyher - General Manager of Worlds biggest
Golden Corral.  Quote "Save our country in where were headed."

7.  Illinois - Cheryl Clark - Special Education Consultant.  "If We
are not involved we can not complain."

8.  Iowa - Karen Chew - Superintendent Secretary for Murray Community
Schools.  Quote " If we don't speak up, we can not complain about the
results.  We should speak up for our rights.  It's our responsibility
as an American citizen!"

9. Florida- Patricia Parsen - Owner Delectable Delights.  Quote "We
need more voices to voice Americans opinions."

10. Missouri - Kent & Bea McDaneld - Musicland Kampground. Quote "The Congress represents our citizen's.  We must stand up to them when they become anti-constitution and free market principals."

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